Important Foods Not To Eat While Pregnant 0

When you want the very best for your unborn baby you think about everything that you put into your mouth. There are many foods that can affect the health of you and your baby during this critical growth period. Below are a few foods that you would want to avoid during your pregnancy. For a more detailed approach to eating, please read this article about eating during pregnancy.


Topping the list of foods not to eat while pregnant is seafood. Although seafood is rich in omega 3 fatty acid, many seafoods can harbor dangerous levels of mercury. Too much of this can damage baby’s developing nervous systems. It is recommended that pregnant women not ingest more than one serving of seafood per week to avoid toxic levels of mercury damaging their baby.

Raw Fish

Raw shellfish and fish can harbor infectious agents or toxins that can cause illness in mother and baby. It’s very important to avoid ingesting raw clams and oysters during this time.

Smoked Fish

Refrigerated smoked seafoods and fish like lox can harbor dangerous infectious agents as well. IF the product is canned or cooked in a casserole these agents will have been neutralized so they are then safe to eat.


Women who live in coastal communities need to pay extra attention to local advisories such as red tide or water pollution. If the information is unavailable it’s wise to limit fish consumption to once per week and make sure the seafood is fully cooked.

Rare Meats

If you prefer your steaks and burgers rare to medium rare, you will need to cook them longer while you’re pregnant. Rare and medium rare meats can harbor infectious agents as well such as e coli and other conditions. Your body is at a higher risk of poisoning during your pregnancy and any time you are ill, your baby is at risk as well. Cook your meats thoroughly during your pregnancy to avoid food related illnesses.


Foods such as hot dogs, processed meats and deli meats can all be dangerous of foodborne illnesses such as listeriosis. If you’re going to eat any of these processed meats cook them until they’re steaming hot to kill listeria.

Pates and Meat Spreads

It is wise to avoid these in their refrigerated or deli versions. If they are canned they are acceptable to eat. Refrigerated versions may harbor infectious agents that could make you ill.

Stuffed Poultry

Even the most completely cooked turkey can harbor bacteria if it’s been stuffed while raw. The raw poultry juice can mix with the stuffing and may not be cooked thoroughly. This can cause bacteria to grow and spread throughout the entire turkey. The same goes for chicken and duck as well.


Raw eggs can harbor salmonella. Any food made with raw eggs should be completely avoided during pregnancy. Cook your eggs until theyare completely cooked. The yolks and whites should be firm. Avoid eggnog, raw cookie dough, hollandaise sauces, and Caesar salad dressings.

Unpasteurized Milk Products

Avoid drinking raw milk. There are also some soft cheeses such as mozzarella and cottage cheese that can also be dangerous to ingest. These too can all cause salmonella poisoning. Unpasteurized juices should be avoided as well. Look for pasteurized options of these foods or give them up during your pregnancy.

Bacterial Poisoning

While you’re pregnant, you’re body is at an increased risk of bacterial poisoning from foods you eat. Due to your pregnant condition you may have a more severe reaction than you normally would have. Additionally, food poisoning can also affect your baby.

If you’re in doubt about what not to eat while pregnant ask your doctor or call your nurse and ask her. It’s important to stay healthy during your pregnancy.