Is There A Correct Average Weight Gain During Pregnancy? 0

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It is a time of new beginnings and incredible changes that will last a lifetime. With these changes and special beginnings comes some important health questions that all women must consider. At the top of the list is often what the right amount of weight is for a woman to gain during pregnancy.

Many doctors will make recommendations about how much a woman should gain during pregnancy. In most cases, if a woman is obese before beginning her pregnancy, a doctor will recommend that she not gain any more than ten to fifteen pounds. This helps to reduce her risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, and it can keep both mom and baby safer throughout the pregnancy.

“A woman who was average weight before getting pregnant should gain 25 to 35 pounds after becoming pregnant. Underweight women should gain 28 to 40 pounds. And overweight women may need to gain only 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.” – WebMD

For women who are a healthy weight before beginning their pregnancy, the weight gain can be higher, and up to thirty pounds is considered normal. Keep in mind that these recommendations are for a singular pregnancy, and the numbers can be higher for multiple babies.

While weight in numbers is somewhat important to consider during pregnancy, the really important thing to keep in mind is a healthy diet and healthy exercise plan. Many doctors will recommend that women consume primarily lean meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains while pregnant, and they should watch the number of unhealthy treats they consume. This can help to ensure both mom and baby get the nutrients they need to remain healthy and grow strong. If a woman sticks to a diet like this, the numbers on the scale are much less important to consider.

Exercise is also advised for most pregnant women. Exercise should include light to moderate physical activity, including things like swimming, walking and pregnancy yoga. By doing these things, a woman is more likely to keep excess pounds off, and she will also best prepare herself for labor and the delivery of her new bundle of joy.

Pregnant women are advised to see their doctor often, and they are usually weighed at every visit. If the numbers become concerning, a woman should listen to her doctor’s recommendations in order to reduce any risks she might face. This will help to ensure her baby remains healthy, and it will also reduce the likelihood of birthing interventions such as inductions and a ceserean section. If a woman does not follow medical advise, she will increase her odds of problems in the later stages of her pregnancy and during birth. She will also increase the possibility that her baby will face adverse health consequences later in life.

Watching your weight during pregnancy can be very important, and it can reduce the risks for both mother and baby. However, keep in mind that the numbers on the scale are not the most important thing. Watch your diet and exercise and follow medical advise when it comes to staying healthy throughout your pregnancy. By doing so, you will give yourself the best chance of having a healthy baby.